Research Paper

A Cyber Afterlife : Theorising the transmutation of imagery from William Blake to modern cyber immortality

One to One Tutorial (08.06.18)

with Jonathan Kearney In today’s one-to-one tutorial I discussed the reframing and refocusing of my project. He thinks I’m heading in the right direction and there is potential…

The Bust of Noko

Still dead (2), re-arranged (Self portrait for my loved ones)

The Bust of Noko

Still dead (1) (Self portrait for my loved ones)

Reframing My Time

first task, in the lab, redesigning my blog based on my new social apes frame

Rethinking Methodology

Refocusing My Project

Reframing My Project

I’m finding it hard to update my blog, the sections don’t seem relevant to the way I work. I’ve decided to redesign the blog as a reflection of…

Mid-Term Review Feedback

Last week we had our mid-term review, everyone had to prepare a 5 minute presentation of the work we’ve done over the past 5 months. We also needed…

Mid-Term Review

Social Apes from Nadine Theuma on Vimeo.   Script My project, Social Apes focuses on how art and satire as manifestations of the human condition operate in the…